Frame Dimensions: 52/18-151 (mm)
Frame Width: 144mm
Frame Height: 43mm
Temple: 151mm
Bridge: 18mm
Frame Material: Titanium/Acetate
Frame Color: Satin Crystal Grey-Antique Silver


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DITA-Land Lens.
Driving. Running Cycling.
Rule the road ahead.
The DITA-Land lens meets the realities of everyday activity by dramatically reducing blinding glare while fully retaining natural depth perception.

DITA-Sea Lens.
Sailing. Fishing. Beach Activities.
Navigate with clarity.
The DITA-Sea lens features fully embedded polarization technology that eliminates most reflected surface glare without sacrificing contrast on and around open water.

DITA-Air Lens
Flying. Climbing. Hiking.
Own the altitude. The DITA-Air lens enhances contrast and color for maximum visual precision and minimal distortion at every elevation.


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